10 Best Flowers That Bloom at Night Under the Moonlight

Casa Blanca Lily

Their powerful aroma and enormous, stunning flowers on three- to four-foot stalks that glow white in the moonlight will make you want to be there when they open each night.

Evening Primrose

We love that these flowers blossom swiftly in the evening, so you can sit outdoors and watch them bloom. The following day, they'll be open till noon. Its lemon-scented yellow blooms bloom from late spring to late summer


Tuberose, used in fragrances, is ideal for night-blooming flowers with a powerful, welcoming scent. The tall clusters of white blooms on this perennial plant open at night and glow beneath the moon


They require a trellis to climb, and cut off the flower heads after they bloom to prevent them from reseeding. In warmer regions, this perennial vine may be invasive, so cultivate it in pots.


White impatiens, a cheap, low-maintenance perennial, bloom continuously from spring until frost in shaded backyards. Their calming white "glow" in huge drifts surrounding sitting places is pleasant.

Sweet Alyssum

Alyssum's tiny blossoms look beautiful falling from window boxes, pots, and stone walls. This annual's sweet, honey aroma and tiny white blooms bloom all summer until a frost

Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ear is a classic perennial with silvery, fluffy, and touchable leaves looking like a lamb's ear. Pollinators adore its midsummer bloom spikes. Lamb's ear prefers well-drained.


Coral bells, a perennial, thrive in any garden layout. Heuchera comes in every hue, but silver-leafed types are deer- and rabbit-resistant and glittering in the evening. 

Shasta Daisy

Plant these perennials in groups in full sun for optimal results, but they can thrive in partial sun and shade. Shasta daisies hate damp soil and prefer well-drained.


Summer snapdragon, an annual, flowers till frost. It comes in various hues, but its spikey white blossoms provide vertical appeal to mixed pots or drifts. Angelonia need enough sunlight and moist soil.