10 Flowers That Attract Bees To Your Garden

The drought-tolerant plant prefers little water consumption. Gaillardia loves full sun and mediocre soil. Deadhead to boost plant vitality and blossoms.

'Sunset Orange' Gaillardia

From spring till frost, tall, brilliant blue blooms will flourish. Use Spike Speedwell in bulk plantings or with roses and perennials. Compactness makes it excellent for containers.

Dark Blue Moody Blues Veronica

Verbena is a reliable garden performer. Bright green foliage frames crowns of rich, pastel purple flowers that produce color masses. This gem blooms spring-to-fall.

'Princess Dark Lavender' Verbena

A low-growing, spreading perennial with light lavender flower clusters and light green foliage. Extremely heat-tolerant. It trails and makes a great spiller plant in pots or ground cover. Also deer-resistant.

Azure Skies Heliotrope

Large bi-color blooms with green, strap-like leaves turn blue in the throat to white on the petal edge. Summer blooms follow spring blooms. Rapid-growing plant is drought-tolerant.

Ever Sapphire Agapanthus

From early spring till frost, dark purple flowers with practically black calyx bloom. Salvia 'Amistad' is compact and richer than other guaraniticas. These blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Salvia 'Amistad'

Other butterfly bushes grow tall and lean, but this interesting buddleia grows compactly into a pleasing spherical form. It blooms from late spring to autumn with fragrant violet blossoms that attract butterflies

Ultra Violet Buddleia

Drooping, pure-petal daisy-like blooms surround a huge orange button-shaped cone. Some coneflowers bloom sooner. This plant blooms around 100 times on a mature plant in the border garden.

Crazy White Echinacea

These bulbs produce purple spring blooms when planted in autumn. These beautiful onions are delicious for bees but not for humans. Blooms vary from a few inches to bold 4-foot pom-poms.


These perennials have spikes of pink, purple, or white blooms that resemble bells. Let them get full light and enough drainage. Most types bloom from spring through summer and reach a maximum height of three feet.