10 Places In America Where You Can Still Find Gold

California Gold Country: The Sierra Nevada foothills are renowned for the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century, and gold can still be found in rivers and streams throughout the region.

Alaska: Alaska's rich history of gold mining continues to attract prospectors today. Areas like the Klondike region and Nome offer opportunities for recreational and commercial gold mining.

Colorado: The state's mountainous terrain is home to many gold-bearing rivers and streams, including Clear Creek and the Arkansas River. Prospectors can still find gold nuggets and flakes here.

Nevada: Nevada is famous for its gold and silver mining history, with places like the Comstock Lode near Virginia City yielding large amounts of precious metals.

Idaho: The state's rivers, including the Salmon River and the Boise River, contain gold deposits that can be panned or sluiced by recreational prospectors.

Montana: Known as the "Treasure State," Montana has a long history of gold mining, particularly in areas like the Helena and Butte regions.

Oregon: The state's gold rush history is evident in areas like the Rogue River and the Powder River, where prospectors can still find gold nuggets and flakes today.

South Dakota: The Black Hills region of South Dakota has been a hotspot for gold mining since the 19th century.

Georgia: The Dahlonega region in northern Georgia was the site of America's first major gold rush in 1828.

Arizona: While Arizona is better known for copper mining, gold can still be found in areas like the Superstition Mountains and the Bradshaw Mountains.