6 Animals Immune to Rattlesnake Venom

Woodrats were found immune to rattlesnake venom by chance in a Texas A&M experiment, showcasing their unique adaptation in surviving snake bites.


Kingsnakes, named for their prowess in hunting other snakes, constrict rather than use venom. They thrive by preying on venomous snakes like rattlesnakes.


Eastern indigo snakes possess immunity to all North American rattlesnake venoms. They are formidable predators, crucial in controlling rattlesnake populations in their habitats.

Indigo Snake

California ground squirrels evolved resistance to rattlesnake venom, utilizing snake skins to mask their scent, a clever defense strategy in their shared environments.

California Ground Squirrel

Opossums developed natural immunity to pit viper venom, including rattlesnakes, through specialized peptides, making them resilient against snake bites across their widespread habitats.


Pigs, descendants of wild boars, resist snake venom's neurotoxin due to genetic mutations. Though often seen as simple creatures, their adaptation provides effective defense against snake attacks.


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