6 Eco-Friendly Wall Finishes and Why Designers Love Them

Chalk-Finish Paint

Chalk-finish paint is a water-based, nontoxic paint with a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. It is made of calcium carbonate, pigments, and water. It dries with a gentle matte, chalky texture,


This weathered finish has no volatile organic compounds and is created from water, natural pigments, and broken charred limestone. Limewash appears to change color depending on the light

Milk Paint

Casein a protein obtained from cow's milk calcium carbonate (lime), colors, and other natural components are included in this zero-VOC, almost matte finish.

Venetian Plaster

This traditional, naturally low-VOC finish, also known as lime plaster, is a putty composed of limestone and/or marble dust combined with calcium carbonate, colors, and water.

Roman Clay

This ultralow-VOC paste is based on gypsum plaster, which dries to a soft, tactile stonelike texture and mottled finish.


This finish, which goes by the pronunciation "tad-eh-lact," was created centuries ago in Morocco and is applied to walls by combining lime plaster and rubbing olive oil soap into the surface to seal it.