6 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

Contact your vet’s office to book an appointment for your dog. Prepare by knowing your dog’s details (name, breed, age, spay/neuter status), reasons for the visit, medical history, vaccines,

Schedule Your Vet Appointment

When scheduling, inquire about the cost of the vet check-up. Expect around $50-$100 for a routine visit, excluding additional costs like tests or medications, which can vary based on location, clinic, and your dog’s needs.

Cost Considerations

Before the appointment, jot down any concerns, observations, or questions about your dog’s health. Include details on symptoms, changes in behavior, diet, and any recent travel.

Prepare Questions and Observations

Prior to a well-care visit, allow your dog time to exercise and play. A short walk, bathroom break, and some playtime can help calm your dog and make them a better patient during the visit.

Pre-Appointment Preparation

Bring your dog’s favorite blanket or toy to the appointment to help them feel secure and relaxed. Familiar items reduce anxiety and create a positive association with the vet visit.

Comfort Items

Pack special treats like turkey slivers or cooked chicken to reward and motivate your dog during the appointment. These treats can help keep them focused and cooperative.

High-Reward Treats

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