7 Best Farm-to-table Restaurants In Los Angeles 

Customers frequent the restaurants for their burgers. Their meat is grass-fed and organic. Try this amazing sandwich or one of their fresh salads at this no-frills restaurant. Choose your to-go orders from their fresh slaughtered exquisite meats before leaving.

Belcampo Meat Co.

Executive Chef Nathan Peitso makes delicious dishes with local meat and produce. Everything in his restaurant originates from his family farm or reputable local farmers. His meals depend on family and other farms' produce. Diners can enjoy prime ingredients with this in mind.


Small plates rule here. Local farmers supply all ingredients directly to the kitchen. Executive Chef Suzanne Goin respects these ingredients, whether they are easy or difficult to cook. 


With its delicious food, this modest restaurant is a jewel. Their affordable meal is based on seasonal products from local vendors. The freshness of their food ties them to their customers. Great partnerships with local farmers make dining great.


Italian cuisine is served here. Local farmers supply seasonal foods, so the menu fluctuates. One of the things that excites their customers. The prospect of anything new and in season brings them back.

Manhattan House

Salt's Cure believes local farmers make better products. All of California supplies its materials. Before forming a professional partnership with their present suppliers, they made sure they respected the ingredients and harvesting environment.

Salt s Cure

This restaurant begins its day with a 6 am Farmer's Market visit. Then they visit meat providers. Chefs provide whatever they like. This restaurant's success comes from working with top local suppliers. Its specialty is fresh food produced daily.

Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine