7 Best Places to Go in the U.S. in Case of a Societal Collapse

1. Remote Rural Areas - Remote rural areas with abundant natural resources, such as water, arable land, and wildlife, may offer opportunities for self-sufficiency and survival.

2. Pacific Northwest - Regions like the Pacific Northwest, with its temperate climate, fertile soil, and low population density, may provide favorable conditions for sustaining oneself

3. Appalachian Mountains - The rugged terrain and relatively low population density of the Appalachian Mountains could offer isolation and protection in times of crisis.

4. Midwest Farmland - The vast farmland of the Midwest, known as the nation's breadbasket, could provide ample food resources for those with the skills to cultivate and harvest crops.

5. Small Coastal Communities - Small coastal communities with access to fishing and maritime resources may offer opportunities for survival and resilience in the face of societal collapse.

6. Rocky Mountain Region - The Rocky Mountain region, with its rugged terrain and abundant natural resources, may offer refuge and opportunities for self-sufficiency.

7. Self-Sustaining Communities - Self-sustaining intentional communities, often located in remote areas and focused on ecological sustainability and self-sufficiency, may provide a supportive network in times of crisis.