7 Bigger Is Better for More Colorful Hairstyles

Mindy Kaling's textured lob achieves its look with air-drying and texturizing spray for added texture and scrunching.

Crinkled Lob

Chloe Bailey's glamorous waves require volumizing mousse, blow-drying with a round brush, and defining curls with a large barrel curling iron.

Old Hollywood Waves

Jenna Ortega's messy lob utilizes a slight tease and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for dimension and a side part for face shape complementation.

Textured Lob

Isla Fisher's modern waves involve misting hair with R+Co One Prep Spray, curling with a medium-barreled iron, and brushing waves out for a contemporary look.

Long Blunt Waves

Zoe Saldana's bouncy lob combines sleekness and volume, achieved with a ceramic brush during blow-drying.

Sleek Lob

Chrissy Teigen's cascading waves are complemented by a volumizing product for a luxurious, red carpet-ready appearance.

Wavy Layers

Selena Gomez's voluminous blowout involves brushing hair upwards and back for a lifted, wind-swept style.

The Ultimate Blowout