7 Common Misconceptions About Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes Are Aggressive Predators

In contrast to popular belief, rattlesnakes are defensive animals that aim to harm everything that comes their way.

Rattlesnake Bites Are Always Fatal

Although they can be harmful, rattlesnake bites are not always lethal.

They Are Always Visible

Many people think that rattlesnakes' unique markings and rattle make them easy to recognize.

Rattlesnakes Are Useless

As key players in their ecosystems, rattlesnakes regulate pest and small animal populations.

Rattlesnakes Can Leap Great Distances

Despite what the general public believes, rattlesnakes are not able to leap very far or move quickly.

Rattlesnakes Are Only Found in Deserts

Although many people only connect rattlesnakes with desert areas, these reptiles may live in a variety of habitats.

Number Of Rattles Determines Age

There's a widespread misperception that rattlesnakes can be identified by the number of rattles on their tails.