7 Disney movies so moving they ll make you cry

Quints: Kimberly J. Brown's portrayal of Jamie in "Quints" tugs at the heartstrings as she navigates being overshadowed by her parents' attention to her quintuplet siblings, highlighting the challenges of feeling neglected in a large family dynamic.

Twitches: The separation of twin sisters Cameron and Alex in "Twitches" evokes sadness as one sister must face darkness alone to save their mother, showcasing the emotional depth of sibling bonds and sacrifices made for family.

The Cheetah Girls: The emotional rollercoaster in "The Cheetah Girls" culminates in tears of joy as the group reconciles after a falling out, reminding viewers of the power of friendship and forgiveness.

High School Musical: The heartbreaking moment in "High School Musical" when Troy sacrifices his relationship with Gabriella to appease his friends is a poignant reminder of the challenges of peer pressure and the complexities of young love.

Cow Belles: The loss of their mother in "Cow Belles" sets Taylor and Courtney on a path of struggle and growth, highlighting the emotional toll of grief and the strength of sisterhood in overcoming adversity.

The Santa Clause: The disbelief and skepticism of the protagonist's family in "The Santa Clause" underscore the challenges of maintaining belief in magic and wonder in the face of cynicism, adding a layer of poignancy to the holiday film.

The Lion King: The iconic scene in "The Lion King" depicting Simba's loss of his father Mufasa is universally recognized for its emotional impact, serving as a powerful reminder of the profound grief associated with the loss of a parent.