7 Easy Clean Eating Recipes for Effortless Weight Loss

Fill half your plate with vegetables," advise The Nutrition Twins. "They'll crowd out the heavier items on your plate and fill you up with fiber and very few calories.

Bulk up your meals with vegetables

This can save more than 100 calories at each meal, and if you're someone who eats 3 meals and a snack , this can equate to a nearly 4-pound weight loss over a month.

Leave three bites behind at each meal

When we drink calories, our brain doesn't get the signal that we got fuel, and we don't compensate for those calories the way that we would after eating.

Choose calorie-free beverages

These are all good sources of soluble fiber, which is fermented in the gut into short-chain fatty acids which suppress appetite by increasing levels of fullness hormones

Eat soluble fiber

These fermented foods may also be able to help to decrease the amount of fat you absorb and increase the amount you excrete

Eat fermented foods daily

Deprivation is eliminated by periodically eating little amounts of your favorite foods, making it simpler to keep a balanced diet.

Include your favorite foods

Most people use several teaspoons of oil to prepare eggs or bacon in the morning, pour dressing on salads at lunch, then dip bread in oil or add it to their skillet while cooking.

Put oil and dressing in a spray bottle