7 Everyday Habits That Put Your Dog in Danger

Trimming your pet s nails the wrong way

It's possible to unintentionally inflict discomfort or injury to your dog if you clip their nails too short, advises Julie Cappel, DVM, practice owner of Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital in Warren, Michigan.

You re bathing them all wrong

While it's ideal for your dog to smell as sweet and fragrant as a daisy, utilizing people shampoos that are excessively strong or strongly perfumed will aggravate your dog's delicate skin. 

You re neglecting their teeth

Dr. Cappel remarks, "I believe the majority of people don't even look in their dogs' mouths, much less brush their teeth." That is a grave error, she explains, since if kids have periodontal disease and bacteria accumulate in their mouths.

You re using the wrong brush

These brushes make micro-abrasions in their skin, making them more susceptible to bacterial infections, added Pace. Short-haired dogs need gentler metal brushes, not sharp ones.

You ve taken their hairstyle into your own hands

If you clip your own bangs or a family member's hair, Sparky may benefit from a bespoke trim. But how mild-mannered your dog is matters more than your styling skills when deciding whether to clip his fur. 

You re not practicing portion control

The majority of overweight and obese pets are due to overfeeding, according to Dr. Cappel. Overweight dogs can develop pancreatitis, diabetes, and back and joint problems including arthritis.

You re feeding them too much people food

Dogs shouldn't eat table scraps, but wide eyes and wet noses make it hard. People food can make pets fat, and spicy or rich food can create stomach troubles.