7 Flying Animals (That Aren t Birds)

Flying Fish

Flying fish might sound strange, but there are actually over 40 types of them worldwide. They live in warm oceans like the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. These fish have big, stiff fins that help them "fly" through the air.

Paradise Tree Snake

The paradise tree snake lives in Southeast Asia. It's a special kind of reptile that's good at hunting. Some people call it the paradise flying snake because it's thin and can move fast.

Mobula Ray

Mobula rays are special fish that can jump out of the water. They're like flying rays because they leap high into the air, almost like they're flying. They look like diamonds and are similar to sharks. Their fins help them glide in water and soar in the air.

Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels can't fly like birds. They look like they can when they glide through the air. They have extra skin between their front and back legs that works like a parachute.

Crab Spider

Spiders can actually fly! It's called ballooning. They release silk and ride the wind like a kite. This helps them travel far to find new homes, food, or mates. Crab spiders are good at this.


Bats are special because they're the only mammals that can fly. They use echolocation to see in the dark, which scientists have studied for a long time. Bats are really good at flying because they're agile and flexible.

Wallace s Flying Frog

Wallace's flying frogs, also known as parachute frogs, hang out in tropical rainforests in Malaysia and Borneo. They were named after a scientist called Alfred Russel Wallace. These frogs look unique with their big webbed feet, bulging eyes