7 Kitchen Remodel Ideas, From Small DIY Projects to Gut Renovations

Incorporate natural light and materials to create an organic modern kitchen. Add skylights, glass walls, and a planted indoor olive tree for a biophilic design.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Opt for vibrant cabinet colors like coral to add personality and energy to your kitchen. Pair them with complementary wall paint for a signature look.

Choose Colorful Cabinets

Match your countertops and backsplash with a slab marble shelf for a sleek, modern appearance. This approach creates an airy feel in large kitchens and enhances space in smaller ones.

Hang an Extra-Long Shelf

Maximize corner space with an appliance garage for storing kitchen essentials like coffee makers and toasters, keeping them easily accessible yet out of sight for a clutter-free look.

Install an Appliance Garage

Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances like induction ranges or cooktops for a more eco-friendly and easier-to-clean kitchen, reducing environmental impact.

Install Greener Appliances

Embrace the warmth of beige tones by incorporating light wood cabinetry and sandy beige finishes for a cozy yet modern kitchen atmosphere.

Try a Warm Palette

Create a modern focal point with a waterfall edge island featuring large slabs of contrasting marble for a dramatic effect with minimal decor.

Try a Waterfall Edge Island