7 Stunning 5 minute Back to School Hairstyles

Classic Pig Tails

Any hair type can pull off this particular style. Simply sort, separate, and arrange in bunches.

Messy Side Part Pigtails

If you get at school and realize you forgot the brush, don't freak out. You've got your young daughter covered!

Front Row Braid

This is a personal favorite of mine! Just create a low ponytail by braiding a portion of hair down one or both sides.

Bunches with a twist

Easy twists to long hair: just twist the hair into longer bunches by adding more bands as you go. This works wonders to keep long pigtails from flying around!

The Half Up Half Down Braid

After brushing the top part of your hair into a ponytail and tying it off with a hair tie, braid it. My girls can now both perform this simple style on their own.

Two Braid Bunches

Simple braids that will keep their hair out of their face all day, and when you take them out, they have a wavy look!

The Basic Ponytail

And lastly, when everything else fails and the bus starts yelling at you to get off. The Regular Tried and Tested Ponytail is the one you should choose.