8 Amazing Lob Hairstyles for Your Mood Board

Florence Pugh's Dip-Dyed Lob

Try coloring your hair for a fun change with the lob haircut. You can copy what Pugh did and pick a soft purple color, or you can go for a brighter, more daring shade.

Justine Skye's Ultra-Shiny Lob

Use a straightening iron on your lob to make it a bit wavy, like how Justine Skye's hair looked at the 2019 BET Awards.

Miley Cyrus's Two-Tone Lob

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone on the internet with her hair. She dyed it in two colors, black and blonde, which is something she's not done before.

Laura Harrier's Retro Lob

"How can you look great on the red carpet? Copy Laura Harrier's curly lob hairstyle for a classy vintage look."

Gemma Chan's Subtly-Highlighted Lob

Gemma Chan looked really cool and understated with her medium-length brown hair at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. Her hairstyle matched her stylish Louis Vuitton dress nicely.

Rihanna's Cherry Red Lob

Nope, I won't stop thinking (or talking) about how amazing Rihanna looked in her cherry red outfit in 2011. It's just so beautiful and unforgettable!

Issa Rae's Curly One-Length Lob

The actress from Insecure has slightly red curly hair that goes just below her shoulders. It makes her look great without needing a lot of effort.

Billie Eilish's Dramatic Black Lob

Billie Eilish changed her hair color from bright blonde to this dark black look, and we think it's really bold and cool.