8 Beautifully Younger Hairstyles for Women Over 60

If you don't want to look too messy, you can try a stylish bob haircut with chopped layers. This haircut has two layers with edges cut in different ways, giving it a unique look that not everyone has.

Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

Having flat hair doesn't look nice, but sometimes it happens based on your hair type and head shape. You can make your hair look fuller by teasing the shorter layers at the back of your bob haircut.

Blonde Bob with Long Angled Layers

People always talk about how nice and attractive it is to have soft waves in your hair. Just like this choppy haircut, the trick is to make the waves look relaxed or slightly messy. This makes them seem more natural and effortless.

Choppy Bob with Soft Waves

Imagine an inverted chopped bob like a half-circle haircut. It's shortest at the back of your neck and gets longer towards the front. Texturizing sprays make the hair look a bit messy, softening the sharp edges of the bob cut while still keeping it bold.

Inverted Textured Haircut

Your short, dark brown choppy bob can look sporty and summery when it's cut to just below the jaw with sharp edges. The messy style at the top makes it look casual and carefree, showing off your neck.

Edgy Bob with Chunky Choppy Layers

If you want your thin hair to look thicker and nicer, try parting it down the middle and making it a bit messy on top. A short bob that ends sharply can look really good.

Choppy Golden Blonde Bob

Getting a bob haircut with sliced layers is a simple way to add some oomph to your straight hair. By adding soft layers and a gentle balayage color, your hair will look fuller and more lively.

Wispy Stacked Bob for Straight Hair

Short, wavy bobs with a bit of messiness look tomboyish yet girly. Light blonde highlights mixed with dark roots give the hair depth. This haircut can be parted on the side or middle, depending on your face shape

Shoulder-Grazing Choppy Bob Crop