8 Best Denzel Washington Movies Ranked

Directed by Spike Lee, this cradle-to-grave biopic features Denzel's iconic performance as Malcolm X, bringing a historical figure into better view and cementing Denzel's place in Hollywood.

Malcolm X (1992)

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, Denzel won an Oscar for his role as corrupt LAPD detective Alonzo Harris, showcasing a mix of sleazy magnetism and a vicious streak.

Training Day (2001) 

Directed by Joel Coen, Denzel stars as the tormented King of Scotland in a stripped-down adaptation of Shakespeare s classic.

The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)

Directed by Tony Scott, Denzel goes toe-to-toe with Gene Hackman in this thrilling submarine flick about nuclear missile launch orders.

Crimson Tide (1995) 

Directed by and starring Denzel, this adaptation of August Wilson s play features him as Troy Maxson, a flawed husband and father whose mistakes affect his family.

Fences (2016) 

Directed by Edward Zwick, this American Civil War drama earned Denzel his first Oscar as part of the first all-black volunteer army battalion.

Glory (1989) 

Directed by Tony Scott, Denzel stars as a railroad veteran trying to stop a runaway train full of toxic gas in this thrilling action movie.

Unstoppable (2010) 

Directed by Spike Lee, Denzel plays a tough New York cop in this big-budget genre picture about a daring Wall Street bank heist.

Inside Man (2006)