8 Bob Haircut Ideas To Try In 2024

The basic bob is the template, therefore it's practically difficult to mess up. I will always vouch for a classic bob cut, adds Giannetos. Traditional bobs fall between the chin and shoulders.

Classic Bob

The cut has the line and length of the bob, but the top layers have much more texture, so it's lighter on top and easier to flip around

Supermodel Bob

A contemporary spin on the traditional bob style, the box bob has blunt edges, crisp lines, and few layers. According to Ripe Hair & Beauty, searches for the cut have increased 120% in the last year

Box Bob

After the basic bob, the French bob is popular. It's the current version of Amélie's 2001 haircut chin-grazing, disheveled, and with bangs.

French Bob

Bubble Bob have increased by 1,300% in the last year, making it easy to see why. An airy, voluminous, round, and bubbly bubble bob is perfect for all-day volume.

Bubble Bob

The baroque bob is all down to the blow-dry and finish, explains hairdresser Francesca Inverarity. The cut is basic yet structured, creating enormous sculpted waves.

Baroque Bob

It have seen it on the runway, and then it became popular with the revival of the famous pixie and the bixie, a bob-pixie mix.

Bixie Bob

The form is a basic A-line bob with no layering and weight eliminated at the ends to tuck under and prevent a trapezoidal finish.

90s Bob