8 Cheap Places To Live Close to the Beach Without Beachfront Prices

Galveston, Texas: Nestled along the Gulf Coast, Galveston offers affordable living close to the beach. Enjoy its historic charm, vibrant community, and miles of sandy shores without breaking the bank.

Jacksonville, Florida: With its diverse neighborhoods and easy access to Atlantic beaches, Jacksonville provides an affordable coastal living option. Explore its thriving arts scene, outdoor recreation, and lively waterfront areas.

Biloxi, Mississippi: Experience coastal living on a budget in Biloxi. This charming city along the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers affordable housing options, fresh seafood, and plenty of outdoor activities, including fishing and boating.

Port St. Lucie, Florida: Situated on Florida's Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie boasts affordable housing options and proximity to beautiful Atlantic beaches. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, golf courses, and nature preserves in this sunny destination.

Mobile, Alabama: Live close to the beach without the high prices in Mobile. Located on the shores of Mobile Bay, this city offers a lower cost of living, Southern hospitality, and access to nearby Gulf Coast beaches.

Gulfport, Mississippi: Enjoy coastal living without the beachfront prices in Gulfport. This laid-back community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast features affordable housing, casinos, and a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Corpus Christi, Texas: Experience affordable beach living in Corpus Christi. Located on the Texas Gulf Coast, this city offers budget-friendly housing options, a bustling downtown waterfront.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: While Myrtle Beach is known for its tourist attractions, it also offers affordable living options for residents. Enjoy miles of sandy beaches, golf courses, and family-friendly entertainment without breaking the bank.