8 Decking ideas to recreate in your backyard

Incorporate Indoor Comforts

Take inspiration from indoor decor when dressing up your deck. Layering with different seating options, rugs, pillows, and blankets can make the space more inviting and cozy

Hang a Hammock

Create a relaxing atmosphere with a hammock. Whether your deck is raised or at ground level, a hammock can be a perfect addition for lounging and enjoying the outdoors

Consider Alternative Railings

Explore unique railing options like sturdy cable wire railings for a modern and edgy look that complements the overall design and architecture of your home

Outline Your Perimeter

Enhance safety and ambiance by integrating lighting around the perimeter of your deck. String lights woven between railings can create a magical outdoor atmosphere

Focus on Flow

Design your deck to seamlessly connect with the interior of your home. Installing bi-fold windows and extending the kitchen countertop to create a bar area on the deck can facilitate

Fire Up a Feature

Incorporate a fire pit into your deck space to make it functional and enjoyable year-round. Opt for a gas fire pit for safety and ensure it's placed away from the home and any overhangs

Take It up a Level

Use your deck as both a main entertaining zone and a private retreat. A suspended deck can offer a charming sitting area while framing out a dining space below

Add Some Structure

Create privacy, shade, and style by adding structure to your deck. Thin wood slating on a back wall and overhead, along with a pergola, can transform your deck into an outdoor room