8 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Instant Personality

Live Edge Shelf

Transform a corner into a breakfast bar with a DIY live-edge wood shelf kit, adding extra eating space without crowding, as suggested by Jenni Yolo of I Spy DIY.

Painted Headboard

Enhance a bedroom visually with a wall-to-wall painted headboard featuring a ¼" black line separating cheerful green and creamy white tones, creating an illusion of space, as recommended by Julie Rose.

Cubby Cabinet

Create storage with a sleek case of nine cubbies inspired by vintage apothecary cabinets, using minimal supplies costing around $15 for a practical and stylish storage solution.

Floral Candlesticks

Personalize taper candles by cleaning with alcohol and decorating them with floral designs using paint markers or acrylic paint, ensuring each side is decorated separately.

Banquette Backrest

Add comfort to a neutral corner with suspended cushions on brass metal drapery rods, a simple project to cozy up any seating area, according to designer Ali Henrie.

Teak Wall Tiles

Upgrade a bathroom with a zen-like atmosphere using teak wall tiles applied with tile adhesive and equipped with hooks for towels, as suggested by Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions.

Egg Carton Flowers

Craft decorative flowers from egg cartons with simple instructions, ideal for upcycling projects and easy for all skill levels, using natural egg cartons, floral wire, paint brushes, and acrylic paint.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

Showcase indoor houseplants with a raised plant stand, a quick 45-minute woodworking project perfect for displaying favorite greenery, recommended by bloggers.