8 Easy-to-Make Ice Cream Floats to Keep You Cool All Summer

Sparkling Rosé Blueberry Float

These gorgeous floats will wow your BBQ guests while also keeping them cool. These stunning desserts combine refreshing blueberry granita and velvety coconut gelato with sparkling rosé.

Green Tea Float

Chilled green tea and matcha ice cream combine to make an ice cream float that is both green and tasty. A hefty splash of ginger ale adds plenty of bubbles (making this dessert even more refreshing).

Fruity Floats

Choose your favorite sorbet and fruit juice, and you'll be on your way to creating a wonderful summer float. 

Champagne Float

Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, this time with a little extra sweetness! This grown-up ice cream float, unlike a regular root beer float, is made with lemon sorbet and raspberries, and champagne is poured on top.

Black Cow

This is the vintage soda shop float you've been wanting! Begin with a thick drizzle of chocolate syrup, then stir in a little amount of root beer before topping with vanilla ice cream.

Ginger Beer Shandy Floats

Turn a summertime lemon shandy into a beer ice cream float! Instead of lemonade, ginger beer makes this float incredibly effervescent, and the addition of fruity wheat beer makes it excellent.

Hot Chocolate-Stout Float

Don't worry, this ice cream float is far colder than its name suggests. The recipe's hot chocolate name comes from an easy fudge sauce that is prepared with chocolate stout before constructing the float. 

Ginger-and-Mint Lime Floats

Fruity and bubbly, this float is made with fresh ginger, lime juice, and club soda. Using lime sorbet instead of regular ice cream makes this cocktail more refreshing.