8 Eye Catching Living Room Color Combinations That Are Anything But Dull

Browns, Blacks, Whites, & Greens:

Jean-Marc Louis's abstract paintings dominate architect Paul Bates Birmingham home, complemented by a black and brass Italian mobile chandelier and a green sofa with wood chairs.

Deep Plum & Mossy Light Green:

Lucy Doswell designs an Upper East Side townhome featuring a deep plum corner banquette against a graphic mossy light green wallcovering by Holland & Sherry.

A Pop of Teal:

Liz Lange restores Grey Gardens in East Hampton with teal vintage chairs by Mastercraft and a sofa upholstered in Arbre de Matisse Reverse (Quadrille), paying homage to Billy Baldwin.

Monochrome Neutrals:

Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier opt for monochrome neutrals and earth tones in their Naples rebuild, highlighted by a tropical grisaille mural (Ananbô) and a Promemoria sofa.

Burnt Red & Light Yellow:

Palmer Weiss uses burnt orange Logan Montgomery Textiles for pelmet and drapery in a California home, complemented by yellow pillows and a chair from Lee Industries.

Citron and Blue-Black:

Garrow Kedigian draws inspiration from The Carlyle's decor for his New York apartment, featuring citron walls and black moldings echoing iron doors and window mullions.

Persimmon and Taupe:

Fran Keenan introduces color into a Los Angeles family room with persimmon curtains, paired with light taupe upholstery and a bronze-brown carpet by Fibreworks.

Pale Apricot and Blood Orange:

Summer Thorton's Chicago townhouse boasts an oversized orange sofa against apricot tones, adorned with bouillon fringe from Samuel & Sons on velvet mohair seating.