8 Haircuts And Hairstyles For Women Over 40 That Prove Age Is Just A Number Include The Classic Pixie Cut

Wavy, long bobs with face-framing bangs like Halle Berry's are new takes on traditional hairstyles. It falls between the chin and shoulder, making it appropriate for anybody who doesn't want long hair but doesn't want super-short hair.

Wavy, Long Bob

Middle-length face-framing haircuts look great on round or oval faces. It's longer than the bob yet short enough to customize with layers to fit your face. It looks great on straight or curly hair.

Middle-Length Face-Framing Haircut

Another take on the classic bob: this time Lucy Hale sports hers with choppy layers that give her hair major movement and long curtain bangs that shape the face and draw attention to her cheekbones and eyes.

Choppy Bob With Curtain Bangs

Trendsetters like Kristen Stewart love bixies and blonde bixies. The bixie gained its amusing moniker by combining a bob and pixie so that the hair is shorter than a bob but lengthier and styleable. Kristen's darker roots and lighter ends highlight.

Blonde Pixie

Keri Russell s feathered cut with wispy bangs takes weight off of the hair and lightens up the ends and fringe. The length is a lob, which is a perfect compromise between bob and long hair and sits at around the collarbone or slightly longer.

Feathered Cut With Wispy Bangs

The pixie cut that Kate Mara is wearing here is the smallest on the list. However, the top layers are a little longer, which you can style with gel or texture spray. Try a hairstyle with a few spikes or one that is smooth and gelled to the side.

Classic Pixie

Does Taylor Swift ever do something that doesn't make it better? In this case, I really like how she styled the '70s shag haircut. It has soft fringe, curved side layers, and choppy ends that move a lot.

Shag Cut

You don't have to trade length for style if you've always had long hair. Take inspiration from Jennifer Aniston's long, layered hair. The form of this haircut, which has bulk at the ends and shorter layers on top, makes it seem young and trendy.

Soft Layered Cut