8 Hairstyles for Women Over 60 to Look Stunningly Younger

Shoulder-Length Cut

Women believe they can't have long hair after a certain age. Quite the contrary! This is an outdated notion that many women are dispelling. 

Bangs Done Right

I'm not talking about your 3rd-grade bangs you regret. The updated and enhanced fringe makes you feel amazing.

Opt for a Bob

This haircut may instantly make you look and feel younger by shaving off length and weight! Shorter cuts can improve hair health by removing split ends.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a short haircut that reveals your ears and earrings with longer hair at the top, often as bangs. 


Because you assume braids are for younger females, you may disregard them. I'm surprised older women can pull these off too! 

Long Layers with Highlights

Layered long hairstyles with the longest length below the shoulders can look great on older women who can handle long hair.

Use the Right Flour

This style may make you seem young and lovely every day. Use a flat iron to curl or angle your hair, then pin up sections for a lovely look.

Just Woke Up Style

This sloppy, wavy hairdo communicates self-confidence and happiness, even if your hair isn't flawless! Its beauty lies in that.