8 Life Rules Jesus Gave Us to Live By

Love One Another: Jesus emphasized the importance of love, instructing his followers to love one another as they love themselves.

Forgive Others: Jesus taught the importance of forgiveness, urging his followers to forgive those who have wronged them.

Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated: Often referred to as the "Golden Rule," Jesus taught his followers to treat others with the same respect and kindness that they desire for themselves.

Serve Others: He taught his followers to serve those in need, showing compassion and generosity towards the less fortunate.

Seek God's Kingdom First: Jesus encouraged his followers to prioritize spiritual growth and seek a deeper relationship with God.

Trust in God's Plan: Jesus taught his followers to trust in God's providence and have faith that God will provide for their needs.

Be Humble: Jesus emphasized the importance of humility, teaching his followers to avoid pride and arrogance.

Live with Hope and Assurance: Jesus offered hope and assurance to his followers, promising eternal life to those who believe in him.