8 low-calorie snacks that are dietitian-approved and less than 250 calories

Apple and peanut butter

The traditional combination of crunchy apple slices and creamy peanut butter is always a winning combination.

Banana and granola

A little crunch makes the banana's smoothness much more intriguing.

Celery and ranch

Celery stalks are crunchy with a capital "C" and just what you need when you're feeling peckish.

Carrots and hummus

This well-liked snack is a staple for good reason it's delicious and substantial! Consuming chickpeas in salads or as hummus can increase feelings of fullness and potentially facilitate weight maintenance.

Kale chips

These chips can help you get in an extra helping of vegetables if you're finding it difficult to consume more of them.

Mini pretzels

You can eat pretzels anywhere! A 1-ounce bag of micro pretzels has 110 calories, 1 gram of fiber, and 3 grams of protein. It can easily fit in your handbag or workout bag.


It's not necessary to be a movie buff to enjoy popcorn as a snack. You may feel good about this crispy snack because it's whole grain; just watch how much butter and salt you add.

Greek yogurt and blueberries

Greek yogurt cups are the easiest thing ever to keep in your work mini-fridge for healthy snacking.