8 Old Workout Trends That Are Funny Again


Leg warmers, high-kicks, and pumping your fists to upbeat music Jazzercise was all about fun and burning calories through dance-inspired moves.

Step Aerobics:

Remember those colorful plastic risers? Step aerobics was a high-impact workout that involved stepping on and off a raised platform to the rhythm of energetic music.

Tae Bo:

This high-energy workout combined martial arts kicks and punches with aerobic movements.  While it might look a little goofy in retrospect, Tae Bo offered a unique way to get a full-body workout.

Thigh Masters:

While their effectiveness might be questionable, the Thigh Masters represent a lighthearted reminder of our collective obsession with targeted toning back in the day.pen

Shake Weights:

These small, weighted dumbbells were designed to be shaken rapidly to improve muscle definition.  While the science behind them might be shaky.

Headbands (Extra Points for Neon Colors!):

Highly absorbent and undeniably 80s, neon headbands were a staple for any workout warrior.  Thankfully, the headband trend has returned, but with a wider variety of styles.

Workout Videos:

Remember popping in a VHS tape and following along with an energetic instructor in your living room?  While the technology has changed (think streaming services!).

Neon Everything!

From leg warmers to headbands and workout attire, neon colors were all the rage in the fitness world.  While a head-to-toe neon look might be a bit much today.