8 Plants That Can Grow in Water Indoors

Grow African violets in water by choosing young, healthy leaves. Cut the leaf with a two-inch stem and place it in a narrow-necked bottle.

African Violet 

Pinch off clusters of stems to grow Baby's Tears in water. Change the water weekly to prevent rot and remove any floating leaves.

Baby's Tears

Harvest thick, succulent begonia stems to grow in water. Start with hardy wax begonias, and try more delicate rex and tuberous varieties. 


Take six-inch cuttings of coleus, remove lower leaves, and place them in water. Roots form in several weeks.


Snip impatiens stems at the end of the season and root them in water. Overwinter them in a vase to clone the parent plant and have new plants ready for spring.


Grow lucky bamboo stalks in water, supporting them with colorful gravel or rocks.

Lucky Bamboo

Philodendrons are easy to grow in water. Take stem cuttings from an established plant, place them in vases, and adjust light conditions to promote leaf growth.


 Add spiderwort stems to water, and root nubs will quickly grow. This aggressive grower needs regular pruning and can be moved to soil once roots are an inch long.