8 Reasons To Retire In The Florida Keys

No State Income Tax: Florida's lack of state income tax is a significant benefit for retirees, allowing them to keep more of their income from various sources like Social Security benefits, pensions, and retirement account withdrawals.

The Warm Climate: With year-round temperatures in the Florida Keys never getting bitterly cold, retirees can enjoy a warm, subtropical climate that is ideal for outdoor activities. With average highs around 80°F and lows rarely dipping below 60°F

A Low-Stress Existence: The Florida Keys offer a laidback, worry-free retirement lifestyle with a relaxed vibe that embodies the "no shoes, no shirt, no problem" attitude. This, coupled with Florida's status as one of the least stressed US states

A Great Sense Of Community: Despite its small population, Monroe County fosters a strong sense of community in the Florida Keys. With close-knit communities and a vibrant social scene, retirees can easily forge friendships and enjoy an active social life

Reasonable Property Taxes: Despite potentially high housing costs, Monroe County offers relatively affordable property taxes for homeowners. With a median real estate tax payment well below the national median, retirees can own a piece of paradise

The Cost Of Living Is The US National Average: While certain expenses like housing may be high, Florida's overall cost of living is in line with the national median. This balanced cost of living helps retirees' income stretch further

Lots Of Opportunities To Prepay Healthcare: Retirees in Florida, including those in the Keys, have access to Medicare Advantage plans that offer the option to prepay healthcare expenses. This provides valuable financial flexibility and security

More Than 250 Days Of Sunshine A Year: The abundance of sunshine in the Florida Keys, with Key West averaging 259 sunny days per year, creates an idyllic retirement setting. Retirees can enjoy outdoor activities year-round