8 Simple And Easy Ways to Style Short Hair In 2024

Pixie Haircut with Lengthy Layers

The pixie haircut has grown in popularity in recent years and will continue to do so! Long pixie haircuts with lots of layers are our favorites.

Super Short Buzz with Little Layers

Layers are possible even with cropped hair! With the haircut so short, the layers add instant crazy vibrancy and wild volume.

Pixie Cut with Lengthy Top Layers

The hair is cut very short in the back, so you only have to deal with the length up top.

Super Sleek Asymmetrical Pixie

This pixie haircut is chic and modern. One side is clipped over the ear and the other drapes softly toward her jaw.

Lengthy Pixie with Choppy Layers

This is a great haircut for crazy, free-spirited girls! A long pixie is followed by choppy layers for a hard, edgy look.

Under-Shave with Long Top

The top of the mane is long and gorgeous so you can easily transform it from straight to curly, while the bottom is shaved for an edgy style.

Choppy Side Shave with Lengthy Side

That girl's outfit is fierce, and we love it. She starts by dyeing her hair a seductive platinum blonde with black highlights for depth.

Under-Shave with Short Top and Curls

Some women dread losing their curls with a short haircut, but this look shows that curls can be powerful and simple in short hair!