8 Things To Do For Baby Hair Growth

Detangle the Curls:

Regularly detangle your baby s fine, wispy curls with a soft brush to prevent knots; avoid excessive washing and soap to maintain smooth texture.

Baby Shampoo:

Clean your baby s scalp with tear-free, organic shampoos once a week, and keep them calm with bath toys and minimal suds.

Homemade Conditioning:

Use homemade conditioners like honey and olive oil, banana mixtures, or avocado pastes to add shine and ease detangling, especially if the hair is dry or curly.

Aloe Vera:

Incorporate aloe vera juice, blended with distilled water, as a natural rinse or conditioner to promote hair health and growth.

Gelatin for Growth:

Apply a mixture of gelatin powder, water, apple cider vinegar, and honey to your baby s scalp to enhance hair growth with essential amino acids.

Experiment with Products:

Test different baby shampoos and hair care products to find the best match for your infant s unique hair texture and needs.

Avoid Heat:

Let your baby s hair air dry naturally instead of using blow dryers or heat to keep it healthy and reduce tangles.


Regular trims can make your baby s hair look thicker and healthier; consider visiting a salon specialized in baby haircuts.