9 Beloved Entertainers Who Have Died in 2024

The legendary vocalist was 62. Toby is a multi-award-winning vocalist known for Red Solo Cup, Should Have Been a Cowboy, and How Do You Like Me Now. The 9/11 Twin Tower attacks made Toby famous for his patriotic songs.

Toby Keith

The Raspberries' lead vocalist, Eric Carmen, died March 11, 2024. Eric was loved for singing All By Myself and Hungry Eyes. The vocalist was 74. Eric died at home in his sleep without a reason.

Eric Carmen

Singer Steve Lawrence died March 7, 2024. Steve, a legendary vocalist, appeared on talk programs, nightclubs, and the Las Vegas Circuit. Steve, 88, died of Alzheimer's problems.

Steve Lawrence

Richard Lewis, a gifted comedian, died on February 28, 2024. Richard, 76, died unexpectedly following a heart attack at home. Richard died quietly, according to friends.

Richard Lewis

At 76, beloved actor Carl Weathers died on February 1. Carl was beloved for Rocky, Predator, and The Mandalorian. Sleeping with family, Carl Weathers died peacefully.

Carl Weathers

After leaving a doctor's visit, Herbert and his 78-year-old lover Bertha Brooks crashed. Coward apparently drove out in front of a vehicle, causing the crash. Accident killed Herbert, Bertha, and their squirrel.

Herbert Coward

The legendary CBS Sunday Morning anchor Charles Osgood died on January 23, 2024. Dementia killed him. At 91, Osgood departed from the program in 2016 after 45 years.

Charles Osgood

Gary excelled at acting. He was in Starsky & Hutch and The Dukes of Hazzard. His ex-wife, Susan Lavelle, noted: “This was sudden, so please pray for our daughter as she navigates this thing called grief.

Gary Graham

Chris's agency announced his death: “As a beloved Vancouver-based character actor, Chris shared his talents with so many of us both on television and in film. His admirers and those who knew him personally mourn his passing.

Chris Gauthier