9 Best Mediterranean Recipes

Spanakopita Egg Muffins:

Inspired by Greek spanakopita, these gluten-free egg muffins are filled with spinach, feta, parsley, and mint, offering a flavorful make-ahead breakfast or snack.

Easy Shakshuka Recipe:

This North African dish features sunny-side-up eggs simmered in a tomato sauce with bell peppers and onions, offering a comforting meal with fresh or canned tomatoes.

Sweet Potato Hash:

A Mediterranean twist on classic hash, featuring sweet potatoes, za atar, Mediterranean spices, chickpeas, and bell pepper, served with black tea for a complete breakfast experience.

Oven Baked Eggs:

Baked with herbs and feta cheese, these eggs make a convenient and flavorful meal for entertaining or busy mornings, perfect with focaccia and fruit salad.

Smashed Chickpea Toast:

A protein-rich meal made with canned chickpeas, offering a satisfying dish any time of day, paired perfectly with toasted bread.

Mediterranean Dinner Recipes:

From Garlic Shrimp Scampi to Greek Lamb Kleftiko and Turkish Pide, enjoy a variety of flavorful and easy-to-make Mediterranean dishes.

Shrimp Scampi:

A quick and delicious shrimp dish served with focaccia or couscous, praised for its lemony, garlicky sauce.

Greek Lamb Kleftiko:

An easy-to-make Greek lamb roast cooked with vegetables in parchment paper for tender, succulent meat.

Turkish Pide:

Boat-shaped flatbread loaded with spinach, mushrooms, feta cheese, and Aleppo pepper, perfect for a satisfying meal.