9 Coolest College Hairstyles You Can Try

Quick and sleek ponytail: For girls who prefer to seem put-together but don't have time to wash their hair in the morning. The ponytail is a chic and easy way to start your college day. 

Messy bun with a twist:  messy bun with a twist can help you get flawless waves or curls on your carefree bun. This style is about embracing college life's easygoing flair while looking fantastic in everything.

Effortless beach waves: Messy beach waves can add beach to your regular routine.  creates carefree college-era waves easily. It's beach babe meets Barbie, perfect for college walks or after-class dinners with your crush.

Half-up half-down hairstyle: Combining hair-up and hair-down creates the ultimate casual-classy look. When you need a quick 10-minute style, this is the one.  gives the upper section delicate curls or waves to offer you thickness and bounce for day and night

Classic low bun: Wear this low bun to lectures with confidence. This timeless, all-day look starts with straightened hair. It's adaptable enough for all-day lectures or sports games. 

Simple classic braid : A worn-in braid says barely tried but nonetheless good. A traditional three-strand braid is perfect for day-to-night styling or racing to the supermarket for energy. 

Sleek and straight: An all-over straight affair will impress a boss chick. maintains straight hair for confidence and professionalism. Perfect for lunch dates, job interviews, and displaying determination.

Textured layered ponytail : We know you've done a sleek pony, but a layered pony offers a fresh, clean appearance. Bring textured ponytail strands to the front to frame your face to elevate your daily routine.

Curled ends: As we've seen, the old money bob appears everywhere. Give your flipped bob a fun feel. adds curls for a preppy look great for casual trips or university homework. Easy to do and better looking.