9 exercises to improve your balance

Chair-Assisted Exercises:

Using a chair for balance exercises is great for beginners and seniors to help prevent falls by improving stability.

Eye and Head Exercises:

Cawthorne's exercises involve moving the eyes and head to challenge and restore balance, beneficial for those who get dizzy easily.

Stair Exercises:

Strengthening exercises focused on tackling stairs and curbs can significantly reduce fall risks for older adults living independently.

Balancing on One Foot:

Standing on one foot, with or without support, improves balance and can be made more challenging by closing the eyes or moving the arms.

TRX Exercises:

TRX suspension trainers offer dynamic balance training while moving in multiple directions, suitable for all fitness levels.

Exercises with a Narrower Base of Support:

Narrowing the base of support, such as in tandem walking, increases the difficulty of balance exercises.

Single-Leg Exercises:

Performing exercises like single-leg squats and deadlifts improves balance and addresses strength discrepancies between legs.


Static, forward, and reverse lunges enhance balance and strength, with options to hold onto support or add weights for more challenge.

Exercises on an Unstable Surface:

Using a Bosu ball for exercises like single-leg holds intensifies balance training by creating an unstable surface.