9 Forgotten Etiquette Rules That Still Make You Look Classy

Dating back to the Middle Ages, knights lifted their visors as a sign of goodwill. Today, it's a gesture of respect and peace.

Uncover Your Head

Victorian era etiquette required men to pull out chairs for women, considering their cumbersome attire.

Seat Your Date

Dress codes evolved with societal norms. King Charles II's return sparked a shift to quality over extravagance.

Dress for the Occasion

Standing for dignitaries or ladies was a mark of respect, with gentlemen waiting until they were seated.

Rise for Introductions

RSVP, from French "Répondez s'il vous plaît," emphasizes the importance of timely responses to invitations.

RSVP Promptly

Cultural differences dictate the appropriateness of eye contact, with some viewing it as a sign of respect and trust.

Eye Contact Etiquette

Starting a meal traditionally follows the host's lead, a practice dating back to King Louis XIV's era.

Wait for the Host

Etiquette advises against private conversations in public settings, preserving inclusivity and respect.

Keep Conversations Private

Handwritten letters, once the primary mode of communication, offer a personal touch amid digital messaging.

Embrace Handwritten Letters