9 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Like To Cuddle

Ragdoll: Bred to be affectionate companions, ragdoll cats are ideal if you're looking for a lovable and relatively low-maintenance animal. Ragdolls are known to follow their humans from room to room, greet them after a long day out of the house

Scottish Fold: With this breed, it s all about the ears. A random mutation happened naturally as the breed emerged these cats developed a gene that caused their ears to fold forward. Cat lovers recognized the cats for their unique look, and breeders began breeding

Sphynx: Because sphynx cats have no hair, they are often cold and need a source of heat to keep them comfortable. Sphynxes are bright, extroverted cats that love humans both for interaction and their warmth.

Maine Coon: Maine coons are native to America. Their history is mysterious; some believe their history dates back to cats traveling with Viking explorers. Others think these big kitties are a mix between a cat with a raccoon.

Persian: Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds in North America. They look beautiful with their long, flowy coats and have a calm, affectionate temperament. Persians are not very energetic.

Siamese: If you decide to bring a Siamese cat into your life, prepare to have long conversations with your vocal kitty. This breed is exceptionally social. Siamese cats have a distinctive masked look and striking pale blue eyes.

Bombay: This breed is still relatively rare in North America, but it has a dedicated following. Bombay owners love the fact that these cats are so loving and people-oriented.

Tonkinese: Breeders wanted to create a loving, affectionate cat breed that was intelligent and less vocal than the Siamese cat. The Tonkinese resulted from crossing the Siamese and Burmese breeds for the best characteristics of both.

American Shorthair: When you say housecat in the U.S., you're likely talking about an American shorthair. They are extremely common pets in North America, primarily due to their affectionate personality and distinct coats