9 Reasons Older Women Choose To Be Alone in Today’s Society

Past experiences 

Professor of behavioral science Paul Dolan of the London School of Economics famously said males should marry but not women.

Newfound freedom 

After the kids are grown, mothers can find new activities and abandon the mom role they've always played.

Career goals 

A 50-year-old lady can choose a career to insure financial stability and live her golden years as she pleases.

Prioritizing friendships 

Some women travel, brunch, and reminisce with friends without the responsibilities of marriage and childbirth.

Changes in taste

Instead, these women developed new goals, found new non-romantic connections, focused on health and well-being, and found their identities outside the marriage.

The fear of feeling trapped or losing freedom

Due to their habitual behavior, many older women find staying single preferable to changing their ways to find a new mate.

Enjoying solitude

Though we commonly use isolation and loneliness interchangeably, they are really different. Solitude is using oneself as your best company.

Growing older and wiser 

Many elderly women took decades to find time for self-improvement and fulfilling their dreams.

Financial independence 

Financial issues are crucial to aging alone. If a woman can support herself, dating is unnecessary. A financially independent lady can spend and do what she wants without financial constraints.