9 Recipes to Make for Your 1970s Cocktail Party

Olive-Stuffed Celery: My grandmother taught my mom and me this stuffed celery appetizer recipe. Despite not liking the ingredients, the stuffing is so good that you'll love it.

Three-Cheese Fondue:  My French-based daughter gave me this simple recipe. I frequently cook this fondue for our family.

Cheese Puffs: My mother's old cookbook has a cheese puff recipe that I modified with pepper and mustard. Sweet and easy for this busy season, these golden puffs come together in minutes and disappear at parties!

Seafood Cakes with Herb Sauce: Living near the water gives me a vast selection of seafood to cook with. This recipe includes salmon and scallops, but shrimp, crab, lobster, halibut, or cod would work too.

Pistachio and Date Ricotta Crostini: Simple but elegant appetizers are my preference. I find that a special appetizer makes the meal feel luxurious. Our lengthy, opulent living room evenings have become precious to us. If you have fresh figs, use them instead of dates!

Brie Appetizers with Bacon-Plum Jam : My friends call me the pork master since I cook almost every cut. These canapés feature mild Brie cheese and sweet-sour bacon jam with Sriracha sauce.

Barbecued Meatballs: Grape jelly and chili sauce make these meatballs amazing. When hosting a party, I make the meatballs and sauce ahead and reheat them right before guests come. 

Curry Pineapple Dip: A delightful pineapple dip, the flavors combine well. Enjoy it with a variety of vegetables or your favorite expensive crackers.

Shrimp and Cucumber Canapes: These adorable stacks stand out at an appetizer buffet. Tasteful, cool, and crispy, they assemble quickly.