9 Simple Ways to Make  Community More Pet Friendly

Keep a stash of pet treats in the leasing office to welcome furry visitors. Offer healthy biscuits for dogs and catnip or toys for cats to take home.

Treat your community’s pets

When new residents move in with pets, greet them with a special treat and provide a list of local pet resources.

Start with a warm welcome

Provide water bowls in common areas and consider adding shade in outdoor spaces like dog parks or courtyards.

Keep pets cool and hydrated

Install pet waste stations with bags and trash cans throughout the community. Regularly restock these stations to encourage responsible pet ownership.

Facilitate waste cleanup

Host pet-friendly activities such as costume contests or "yappy hours" to foster a sense of community among pet owners.

Include pets in community events

Feature residents’ pets on social platforms to showcase a pet-friendly environment and engage current and prospective residents.

Share pet stories on social media

Create dedicated pet areas like dog parks or pet washing stations. Partner with local pet services for discounted grooming or veterinary care.

Enhance pet amenities

Evaluate pet restrictions and fees to ensure they align with resident needs while maintaining community standards.

Review pet policies

Accommodate a variety of pets beyond dogs and cats, such as reptiles or birds, by providing appropriate amenities and clear policies.

Consider all types of pets

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