9 Taper Haircut Ideas: A Classic Style with Modern Versatility

Low Taper Fade

Keep the hair longer on top with a subtle fade that starts at the temples and gradually tapers down towards the neckline, offering a clean and polished appearance.

High Taper Fade

Opt for a more dramatic fade that starts higher up on the head, creating a bold and eye-catching contrast between the longer hair on top and the closely cropped sides.

Textured Taper Cut

Add texture and movement to your taper haircut with choppy layers or texturizing techniques, giving the hairstyle a modern and edgy twist.

Disconnected Taper

Create contrast and visual interest by disconnecting the taper from the longer hair on top, resulting in a distinct and fashion-forward hairstyle.

Taper with Side Part

Incorporate a side part into your taper haircut for a classic and sophisticated look, adding structure and definition to the hairstyle.

Curly Taper Fade

Embrace your natural curls with a taper fade haircut, allowing the curls to take center stage while still maintaining a polished and well-groomed appearance.

Skin Taper

Opt for a bold and daring look with a skin taper that features a close shave along the sides and back, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Blowout Taper

Add volume and height to your taper haircut with a blowout style, using a blow dryer and styling products to achieve a voluminous and textured look.

Long Tapered Haircut

Keep the length on top while tapering the sides and back for a versatile and stylish haircut that offers both sophistication and modernity.