Bald Eagle Hotspots: The 10 Best States to Spot Them

Alaska, the Last Frontier, secures its place among the top states for bald eagle sightings. Its vast wilderness and abundant fish populations provide.


Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State offers rich coastal areas and inland waterways that attract a significant population of bald eagles. 


Oregon boasts diverse landscapes, from rugged coastlines to dense forests, making it a favored habitat for bald eagles. 


Surprising many with its high population of bald eagles, Wisconsin's lakes and rivers in the heart of the Midwest provide ideal conditions.


Florida's Sunshine State shines bright in the realm of bald eagle sightings. Its expansive wetlands and coastal regions offer a haven for these birds.


Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota provides a picturesque backdrop for bald eagles. The state's abundance of water bodies and forests.


Michigan's Great Lakes and expansive forests secure its position as a top state for bald eagle sightings. 


Everything's bigger in Texas, including its bald eagle population. The Lone Star State's diverse habitats, ranging from coastal plains to mountain ranges.


California, the Golden State, boasts varied habitats from mountains to coastlines, making it a prime location for bald eagles to flourish.


Claiming the top spot for bald eagle sightings is Florida, known for its extensive coastline, wetlands, and strong conservation efforts. 


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