DIY Ideas To Build The Home Library Of Your Dreams

Stack Ikea Shelves:

Utilize wall space efficiently by stacking Ikea shelves to serve multiple purposes, such as storage, nightstands, and bookshelves.

Take Up Wall Space:

Maximize a large empty wall by installing a built-in bookcase, providing ample room for book storage without overwhelming the space.

Create a Window Nook:

Frame a window with shelves and build seating around it to create a cozy reading nook flooded with natural light.

Frame Your Couch:

Utilize the space around and above your couch by building shelves for displaying books, art, and collectibles, as seen in Ree and Ladd Drummond's lounge.

Opt for Floating Shelves:

Choose floating shelves for a modern and space-saving way to display books without investing in bulky bookshelves.

Repurpose a TV Stand:

Build shelves around your TV to combine entertainment and book storage, especially in smaller spaces.

Use Bookshelves as Room Dividers:

Divide open concept spaces with bookshelves to create separate zones while maintaining an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Hang Books on Hooks:

Display and store books in hanging baskets hooked onto walls, providing a unique and easily customizable storage solution.

Utilize Every Inch of Wall Space:

DIY a shelving setup from start to finish on a blank wall, incorporating kitchen cabinets at the base for extra storage.