Eight Best Ten Million Priced Rare Bicentennial Quarter And 6 More Worth Over 100k

This rare specimen boasts unique minting anomalies, historical significance, and impeccable preservation, fetching an astonishing ten million dollars.

The $Ten-Million Marvel: 1976 Bicentennial Quarter

Featuring Liberty dancing among the stars, these coins are valued in the millions and highly sought after by collectors for their artistry and symbolism.

Dancing with Liberty: Bicentennial Quarter Series

Standing out as a true numismatic marvel, this rare coin has reached the remarkable price of ten million dollars, creating a buzz among collectors.

The Enigmatic 76-S Silver Proof: A $Ten-Million Rarity

Hailed for its flawless mint condition, this Bicentennial Quarter is a coveted gem in the numismatic world, with collectors clamoring for a chance to own it.

ristine Preservation: The $Ten-Million Mint Condition Quarter

Featuring the iconic Drummer Boy design, this quarter has achieved legendary status, with its rarity and historical significance propelling its value to ten million dollars.

The 76-D Drummer Boy Delight: A $Ten-Million Masterpiece

Minted in silver, these coins offer a unique investment opportunity for collectors seeking both rarity and precious metal content, each valued over $100,000.

The Silver Lining: Bicentennial Quarters in Rare Silver

Some Bicentennial Quarters stand out for their technologically advanced minting processes, elevating them to the upper echelons of numismatic value.

State-of-the-Art Minting: The Technologically Advanced Bicentennial Quarter

With its distinct doubling effect on the obverse, this coin has fetched prices reaching ten million dollars, making it a must-have for numismatic enthusiasts.

Collector s Dream: The 76-P Doubled Die Obverse