How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Easily and Effectively

Schedule training

Establish a consistent daily routine in a familiar location to make teeth cleaning a normal part of your dog's day, promoting comfort and familiarity.

Signal tooth time with a towel

Use a towel to contain mess and provide reassurance, laying it on your lap or floor to create a comfortable, predictable environment for your dog.

Touch your dog’s mouth

Begin by gently petting around your dog's mouth and lips, gradually introducing mouth handling and rewarding with treats for calm behavior.

Teach with a tasty toy bone

Apply dog toothpaste to a chew toy to introduce your dog to the taste and associate tooth cleaning with a positive, enjoyable experience.

Offer a toothpaste-coated toy bone

Encourage your dog to take the toy bone, using a cue word like "Open," to train them to willingly hold the bone for cleaning.

Gently hold one side of the toy for support

Steadily support the toy bone to maintain a slight mouth opening, facilitating easy access for brushing without causing discomfort.

Get your dog comfortable with the toy routine

Make teeth cleaning fun and rewarding by using the toothpaste-coated toy bone exclusively for this purpose, reinforcing with praise and treats.

Introduce the applicator

Gradually introduce a toothbrush or gauze-wrapped finger with toothpaste, allowing your dog to sniff and become familiar before gentle insertion.

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