How to Decorate Your House as a Couple

Find Your Common Ground

Before diving in, discuss your preferred aesthetics.  Are there colors, textures, or styles you both enjoy? Use these shared preferences as the foundation for your home's overall look.

Embrace the Mix

Don't be afraid to combine your styles! If one partner loves modern furniture and the other prefers a classic look, find a way to curate a space that incorporates both.

Mood Board Magic

Create a mood board together, either digitally (Pinterest!) or physically. This allows you to visually brainstorm ideas and see how different elements like colors, patterns, and furniture styles come together.

Divide and Conquer

Maybe there are specific rooms where one style can shine more. Let your partner take the lead on the living room if that's their passion, while you curate the bedroom with your favorite touches.

Shop Smart

Decide if you enjoy shopping for furniture and decor together. If not, assign tasks or take turns picking out key pieces. This allows each partner some individual expression while maintaining a cohesive look.

Personalize Your Space

While compromise is important, don't be afraid to include pieces that reflect your individual personalities. A treasured family heirloom or a piece of art you love can add a special touch and spark conversation.

Think Functional Beauty

A beautiful space should also be functional. Consider your lifestyle and choose furniture and decor that meets your needs. This might mean prioritizing comfy couches in the living room or ample storage solutions in the kitchen.

DIY Date Night

Turn decorating into a fun activity! Look for DIY projects you can do together,  like refinishing furniture, creating throw pillows, or making wall art.