The 7 Biggest Hair Trends Of Summer 2024

On curly hair, wispy bangs look amazing and blend in well with whatever face-framing layers you may have—layers are always the best option when it comes to curls!

Shaggy Curly Bangs

The greatest option for thick-haired women who don't want to cut their hair too short is to use layers. For an additional textured effect, add side-swept bangs.

Tousled Medium-Length Cut

Those who are trying to add something fresh to a bob-length cut may easily do this by adding bangs to their hairstyle. You have the option of going as thin or as thick as you desire.

Curly Fringe

Ask for layers and curtain bangs inspired by the shag to give that classic shoulder cut an edgier edge. For those who like more volume and texture, it's perfect.

Shaggy Shoulder Cut

Although this contemporary form is upending the traditional belief that curly ladies should be terrified of getting a triangle cut, also called the pyramid cut.

The New Triangle Cut

They may have seen the most tasteful crop cut of the year with this one. Wearable and long-lasting are the layers that create a side-swept bang style.

Grown-Out Crop

This is what it means to let the color of your hair do the talking. Simple layers and an adjustable length ensure that styling time won't be a chore.

Layered Mid-Length Cut